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Various bamboo or plant related recipes.

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1 Baked Lumpia Rolls 4157
2 Beef Curry with Bamboo Shoots 3926
3 Boiled Fresh Bamboo Shoots : Register to read more... 436
4 Broccoli, Bamboo Shoots And Straw Mushrooms 4142
5 Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoots 3747
6 Fiery Pork and Bamboo Shoots 3963
7 Fried Rice 9134
8 Marinated Zucchini Salad 3706
9 Massaman Curry 4178
10 Noodle Curry 3520
11 Red Curry Chicken and Bamboo Shoots 3576
12 Seasonal Salad With Bamboo 3482
13 Sparkling Broth With Bamboo 3400
14 Spicy Papaya Salad 3429
15 Steamed Rice with Bamboo Shoots 3577
16 Stir-Fried Chicken With Basil Leaves 3384
17 Sukiyaki 4011
18 Thai Fried Noodles 3690
19 The Wild Wok 4307
20 White Fungus In Vegetable 4395

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Bamboo Factoid

Bamboo shoots will emerge from the ground for a few inches and usually pause for about a week before continuing to shoot skyward. They are covered by a hard protective sheath at each node which is deciduous and falls away once the shoot fully extends outward. The sheath has several functions, one of which is to protect the new shoot as it extends its internodes. At this stage the new shoots have a high water content and are very soft. The diameter of the shoot at its base is the diameter that the new culm (cane) will have when fully mature and throughout its life. New shoots extend upward by extending its internodes similar to the way a telescoping antenna will extend by pulling on it. They are fully extended and hardened off in apx 6 weeks from emerging from the ground.