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White Fungus In Vegetable
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100 g. dried winter mushrooms
100 g. dried bamboo shoots
100 g. hearts of greens
15 g. fungus (white)
10 g. oyster sauce
500 g. broth
Sesame oil to taste
Dash of refined salt
100 g. fresh mushrooms
100 g. phoenix tail, shaped
Bamboo shoots
75 g. lard
15 g. soy sauce (white)
20 g. Shao Xing rice wine
30 g. chicken fat
Dash of groumet powder
Dash of cornstarch solution

Cut off the stems of the dried mushrooms and wash well. Put in a bowl together with broth, lard and sugar. Steam until very tender. Cut the dried slim bamboo shoots, fresh mushrooms and dried mushrooms. Cook together until the juice is thickened. Then put the above vegetable materials separately into shallow bowls and steam. Transfer to a plate after done. Arrange the fungus amid the steamed phoenix tail, shaped bamboo shoots, slim bamboo shoots, fresh mushrooms and winter mushrooms. Stir fry the hearts of greens in the pan and garnish around the plate alternately with asparagus.


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Bamboo Factoid

Clumping bamboos are bamboo plants that are non invasive, they will only spread a few inches around the base of the plant per year.