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The Wild Wok
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Saute a little onion or ramp in oil. Add one or more wild vegetables,

Daylily, buds, blossoms, shoots, or tubers

Cattail, shoots

Bamboo, shoots

Purslane, leaves and stems

Jerusalem artichoke, sliced tubers

Sorrel, leaves

Violet, leaves or blossoms

Season with soy sauce and a little ginger (wild or tame). Serve at once. is an important vegetable in the Orient. The fresh blossoms or day old flowers add both flavor and thickening. The flowers may be dried for later use. Use these in soups and stews as well as in your wild wok.

Arundinaria gigantea (the US's only native bamboo) is also known by the common names of River Cane, Canebrake and its sub species - Switch Cane. This species once covered vast tracks of bottom lands that was of vital importance to Native Americans and native wildlife. Vast expanses were clear cut and burned by settlers after they realized the soil that River Cane thrived in was extremely fertile.