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Dendrocalamus grandisEquisetum hyemale 'Horse Tail' Rush

Dendrocalamus strictus

Dendrocalamus strictus

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This is the most common and useful bamboo in the India. The lower part of the culms are sometimes solid.

Note: After planting this bamboo out here in zone 8b, this bamboo has died back every year and recovered from apx 18F.


Parameters of Product: Bamboo
USDA Hardiness Zone    10-11
Minimum Temperature    24°F
Average Sun Exposure    5 = Full Sun
Maximum Height    60'
Average Height   
Maximum Culm Diameter    5"
Average Culm Diameter   
Rhizome Type    C
Hedge Quality    Medium
Culm Type   
Foliage Type   
Wood Type   
Shoot Type   
Landscape Use    Timber; Screen; Shrub

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