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A genus similar to Phyllostachys, but with 3 to 5 branch compliments at each node. This genus consists of short shrublike bamboos make excellant shrubs, low hedges or tall groundcovers. The have short broad leaves which give them a distinctive look. They have leptomorph rhizomes but are not aggressive and behave almost like clumpers as they spread slowly.

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Shibataea aureostriata SHKA $19.99   Product Details
Shibataea chiangshanensis SCHG $19.99   Product Details
Shibataea chinenis SHCH $14.99 Shibataea chinensis - Compact, shade loving, bamboo. Great for planting under trees or used in containers. Product Details
Shibataea kumasaca SKUM $14.99   Product Details
Shibataea lancifolia SHLA $14.99   Product Details
Shibataea nanpingensis SHNA $19.99   Product Details

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