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Arundinaria is a genus of small to medium height monopodial temperate bamboos. It includes the only 2 native bamboos to the US. They have numerous branches at each internode with persistent culm sheaths and it shoots in the spring. The species 'tecta' has air channels in it's rhizome, which gives it the ability to grow in soggy, wet ground. Species are very similar to Pleioblastus and Psuedosasa.

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Arundinaria funghomii AFUN $14.99 Arundinaria funghomii - A fast growing running bamboo with thick, dense green foliage ideal for screening. Product Details
Arundinaria gigantea AG $14.99   Product Details
Arundinaria gigantea tecta AGTE $14.99 Switch Cane Product Details
Arundinaria purpurea ARPU $14.99   Product Details

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