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'Banana Shrub ' Michelia figo MFBS $9.99 'Banana Shrub' A large evergreen shrub with extremely fragrant, creamy/yellow blooms, outlined in red that smell like bananas. Product Details
'Bottlebrush' Callistemon rigidus CRBB $9.99 'Bottlebrush' shrub has an upright habit with long arching branches. Bright bottlebrush shaped, crimson red blooms appear in late spring/summer. Product Details
'Cleyera' Ternstroemia gymnanthera CLEY $9.99 Cleyera - Fast growing evergreen shrub with glossy green foliage that turns bronze/red in fall and winter. Product Details
'Japanese Yew' Podocarpus macrophyllus PMJY $9.99 'Japanese Yew' A shrub with fine textured, dark green foliage soft to the touch. Upright growth habit, produces non edible berries in fall/winter. Product Details
'Mock Orange' Philidelphus coronarius PCMO $9.99 'Mock Orange' aka 'English Dogwood' is a fast growing shrub that produces large white, extremely fragrant blooms that smell of citrus and jasmine late spring/summer. Product Details
'Rockspray' Cotoneaster horizontalis CORS $9.99 RockSpray Cotoneaster - Low growing, with long arching branches. Fall/winter color, red berries in winter. Bonsai. Product Details
'Sweet Olive' Osmanthus fragrans OSOL $9.99 Sweet Olive - A popular southern evergreen shrub with fragrant white flowers that rival the scent of Gardenias. Product Details
Abelia x grandiflora 'Frances Mason' Gold AFMG $9.99 'Frances Mason' Golden Abelia - Evergreen shrub with bright gold/green foliage,turning copper/red in fall-winter. Product Details
Abelia x grandiflora 'Glossy' AGLO $9.99 Glossy Abelia - Fast growing, semi-evergreen shrub. Dark green foliage with tiny clusters of white/pink blooms. Bronze/red foliage in fall/winter. Product Details
Aucuba japonica 'Gold Dust' AGOD $9.99 Aucuba 'Gold Dust'- Large dark green foliage with random gold specks. Great for dry shade areas. Product Details
Fatsia japonica FATS $19.99 'Fatsia' - Evergreen,large size, fast growing, shade loving plant. Dark green maple shaped foliage. Clusters of white flowers appear in fall. Product Details
Weigela florida 'Variegata' WEIV $9.99 'Variegated Weigela' is a fast growing,deciduous shrub with long lasting, bell shaped blooms of pink and white. Leaves are oval shaped, green with creamy white edges. Product Details

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