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1 A list of bamboos that are currently in flower. 24611
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3 Bamboo Lice 7610
4 Pests - Romalea microptera: Eastern Lubber Grasshopper 23703
5 Pomegranate 16910
6 Rhizome Barrier Installation Instructions : Register to read more... 695
7 World Hardiness Zone Information 24612

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What is your primary interest in bamboo plants?
Arundinaria gigantea (the US's only native bamboo) is also known by the common names of River Cane, Canebrake and its sub species - Switch Cane. This species once covered vast tracks of bottom lands that was of vital importance to Native Americans and native wildlife. Vast expanses were clear cut and burned by settlers after they realized the soil that River Cane thrived in was extremely fertile.