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Phyllostachys rubromarginata
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Phyllostachys rubromarginata

Price: $19.99

The culm sheath margins on this species is red and new shoots are very colorful. The culm wood is tough and splits well. It is tolerant of alkaline soil and strong winds.

This bamboo is somewhat drought tolerant and is suitable for dry climates. It may need some irrigation in drier climates until it has time to become established and during extremely long dry periods. Very forgiving bamboo that will easily bounce back if it becomes distressed.

Red Margin bamboo is one of the best all around mid size to timber size bamboos that we sell.

It is good for landscaping, shoots, culm wood and paper pulp.


Parameters of Product: Bamboo
USDA Hardiness Zone    6-9
Minimum Temperature    -10°F
Average Sun Exposure    3 = Morning Sun; 4 = Afternoon Sun; 5 = Full Sun
Maximum Height    60'
Average Height    40'+ depending upon growing environment
Maximum Culm Diameter    3 1/2"
Average Culm Diameter    > 2" when mature
Rhizome Type    R
Hedge Quality    Medium
Culm Type    Dark to mid green color, straight culms after sizing up.
Foliage Type    Large dark green leaves
Wood Type    Strong wood useful for many purposes such as poles, craft work, split poles, etc
Shoot Type    Edible early to mid season shoots.
Landscape Use    Timber; Screen; Shrub

Customer Reviews:

jade_man  (Wednesday, 18 April 2012)
Rating: 5
i just received my 3 one gallon pots of this red margin. all had at least 5 culms and the tallest was about 4 foot tall. they were all ready to be
potted up, one had even split its container. this was a great price for a one gallon pot of bamboo, all of which could have been sold in a larger pot
in my opinion. maybe next spring i will try a new bamboo from bamboo plantation. one of the plants i received was shooting, and this shoot looks to be
the fattest culm so far.


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