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Pleioblastus hindsii X Pleioblastus gauntlettii
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Pleioblastus hindsii X Pleioblastus gauntlettii

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This bamboo is a Bamboo Plantation 2006 seedling hybrid between a Pleioblastus hindsii (mother plant) and a Pleioblastus gauntlettii.

The Pl. hindsii was a form called gramineus that started flowering in 2003, it flowered for a few years and died. I know of no surviving specimens of this bamboo. It had a weeping leaf habit unlike the type of this plant, which still exists today. The type plant has stiff upright leaves.

The Pleioblastus gauntlettii is a small groundcover that resembles Pl. pygmaeus except that it grows a bit larger.

Emerald Glow has taken on more characteristics of Pl. gauntlettii than Pl. hindsii. It is short and rather slow growing, staying under 2' tall so far. Makes a great looking groundcover. Soft in appearance with emerald green coloration.

This plant was actually named by Jesse Hewitt, one of our customers.

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