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Phyllostachys sp. 'Natchez Green Stripe'
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Phyllostachys sp. 'Natchez Green Stripe'

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This bamboo was found at a location that had planted out 25 different varieties of bamboos from the Savanna GA USDA Introduction Station before it was closed in the 80's. Since the original planting records were lost it is not known if this bamboo was planted out in this form or it is a mutation from another form that was planted out.

The new shoots are a bright yellow with a green sulcus, stunning color variegation on the culms. Hoever the colors quickly fade out so the variegation can be easily overlooked.

It is a very vigorous growing species and the young culms have very thin walls. The variegated culm color is very similar in appearance to Ph. aureosulcata spectabilis, however is not that variety nor is it Ph. viridis 'Robert Young' or Ph. vivax aureosulcata. All of those varieties tend to show more contrasting color as they age, this bamboo is just the opposite.


Parameters of Product: Bamboo
USDA Hardiness Zone    6-9
Minimum Temperature   
Average Sun Exposure    3 = Morning Sun; 4 = Afternoon Sun; 5 = Full Sun
Maximum Height   
Average Height   
Maximum Culm Diameter   
Average Culm Diameter   
Rhizome Type    R
Hedge Quality    Medium
Culm Type    Bright yellow shoots with a green sulcus, later fading to a lime green color.
Foliage Type   
Wood Type   
Shoot Type   
Landscape Use    Timber; Screen

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