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Phyllostachys angusta

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Called stone bamboo because of the hard texture of its culms which is used to make fine furniture in China. It is reported by Bell to be much cold hardier than reported here, down to -13F. The culms are green aging to Grey color.


Distribution in China: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui and Henan where it grows in mixed forests.


Parameters of Product: Bamboo
USDA Hardiness Zone    6-10
Minimum Temperature    10°F
Average Sun Exposure    2 = Dappled light; 3 = Morning Sun; 4 = Afternoon Sun; 5 = Full Sun
Maximum Height    22'
Average Height   
Maximum Culm Diameter    1 1/2"
Average Culm Diameter   
Rhizome Type    R
Hedge Quality    Superb
Culm Type    Thick walled, almost solid, grey-green in color.
Foliage Type    Dark green
Wood Type    Thick tough wood, used to make furniture.
Shoot Type    Edible shoots.
Landscape Use    Timber; Screen; Shrub

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