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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
Bambusa 'Kenilworth' BAKE $29.99 Kenilworth Bamboo Product Details
Bambusa distegia BADI $24.99   Product Details
Bambusa dolichoclada BADO $39.99 Long Branch Bamboo Product Details
Bambusa eutuldoides viridivittata BTVI $24.99   Product Details
Bambusa lako BLAK $39.99 Timor Black Product Details
Bambusa malingensis 'Silver Stripe' BMSS $24.99 Silver Stripe Maling Bamboo Product Details
Fargesia robusta 'Wolong' FARW $29.99 Cold hardy mountain clumping bamboo. Product Details
Fatsia japonica FATS $19.99 'Fatsia' - Evergreen,large size, fast growing, shade loving plant. Dark green maple shaped foliage. Clusters of white flowers appear in fall. Product Details
Phyllostachys hispida PHHI $14.99   Product Details
Phyllostachys iridescens striata PHIS $29.99   Product Details
Phyllostachys lofushanensis PHUF $14.99
You Save: 40.00%
  Product Details
Phyllostachys nidularia 'June Barbara' PNJB $19.99   Product Details
Phyllostachys nigra 'Mejiro' PNME $24.99   Product Details
Phyllostachys parvifolia PHPA $24.99 Anji Golden Bamboo Product Details
Phyllostachys praecox 'Notata' PHPN $29.99   Product Details
Phyllostachys robustiramea PHRO $19.99   Product Details
Phyllostachys sp. 'Natchez Green Stripe' PNGS $24.99
You Save: 40.00%
Natchez Green Stripe Product Details
Phyllostachys vivax 'Huangwenzhu Inversa' PVHI $24.99   Product Details
Pleioblastus distichus 'Akebono' PLDA $19.99   Product Details
Pleioblastus hindsii X Pleioblastus gauntlettii PLHG Call for Pricing Pleioblastus hindsii X Pleioblastus gauntlettii Hybrid 'Emerald Glow' Product Details

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Results 1 - 20 of 25

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Phyllostachys sp. 'Natchez Green Stripe'

You Save: 40.00%
Phyllostachys sp. 'Natchez Green Stripe'

Natchez Green Stripe

Phyllostachys lofushanensis

You Save: 40.00%
Phyllostachys lofushanensis


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