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This group of bamboos are tropical and subtropical sympodial clumping bamboo. They include both giants and dwarfs. They have numerous branches at each internode and usually throw their shoots in summer or early fall. The smaller plants will do very well in pots and can be brought indoors during the winter. In summer they require very strong light exposure. Most of the cold tolerant varieties are suited for zones 8 and up. They will form outstanding tight hedges where they can be grown.

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Bambusa stenostachya BAST $24.99   Product Details
Bambusa textilis BTEX $24.99 Weaver's Bamboo Product Details
Bambusa textilis 'Dwarf' BTDW $24.99   Product Details
Bambusa textilis 'Maculata' BTMA $49.99   Product Details
Bambusa textilis v. gracilis BTXG $24.99   Product Details
Bambusa tuldoides BTUL $19.99   Product Details
Bambusa tuldoides 'Clone X' BTCL $19.99   Product Details
Bambusa tuldoides 'Kimmei' BVEK $19.99   Product Details
Bambusa ventricosa BVEN $19.99 Buddha's Belly Product Details
Bambusa vulgaris 'Wamin Striata' BVWS $39.99   Product Details

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Results 41 - 50 of 50

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