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'President Claeys' Indica Azalea INPC $9.99 'President Claeys' - Large Southern Indica with orange/red blooms. Product Details
'Pride of Mobile' Indica Azalea INPM $9.99 'Pride of Mobile' - Large Southern Indica. Blooms are rose pink, with red splotches. A.k.a., 'Water Melon' Product Details
'Prince of Orange' Indica Azalea INPO $9.99 'Prince of Orange' Azalea, Large Southern Indica, Dark Orange/Red blooms Product Details
'Purple Ruffles' Azalea PURR $9.99 'Purple Ruffles' Azalea - A medium size Gable hybrid with ruffled lavender blooms, spring and fall. Product Details
'Red Ruffles' Azalea REDR $9.99 'Red Ruffles' Azalea - A medium Rutherford hybrid with red semi-double, ruffled blooms, spring and fall. Product Details
'Renee Michelle' Azalea REMI $9.99 'Renee Michelle' Girard hybrid. Dark pink heavily ruffled blooms appear in early spring. Product Details
'Rockspray' Cotoneaster horizontalis CORS $9.99 RockSpray Cotoneaster - Low growing, with long arching branches. Fall/winter color, red berries in winter. Bonsai. Product Details
'Sherwood Red' Azalea SHER $9.99 'Sherwood Red' - A medium size Kurume hybrid with single bright orange/red blooms. Product Details
'Southern Charm' Indica Azalea INSC $9.99 'Southern Charm'- Large growing Southern Indica with rose pink blooms. Product Details
'Sun Glow' Azalea SUNG $9.99 'Sun Glow' Azalea - A medium size Carla hybrid with very bright ruffled, double reddish/pink blooms. Product Details
'Sweet Olive' Osmanthus fragrans OSOL $9.99 Sweet Olive - A popular southern evergreen shrub with fragrant white flowers that rival the scent of Gardenias. Product Details
'Tradition' Azalea TRAD $9.99 'Tradition' Azalea - A medium size Kurume hybrid with showy clusters of coral/pink hose-in-hose blooms. Product Details
'Wakaebisu' Azalea WAKE $9.99 'Wakaebisu' Azalea - A medium size Satsuki hybrid. Blooms are Salmon pink, hose-in-hose with dark pink dots that appear in spring. Product Details
'Watchet' Azalea WATT $9.99 'Watchet' Azalea - A medium size Robin Hill hybrid. Blooms are ruffled,soft pink with a pale greenish white throat. Product Details
Abelia x grandiflora 'Frances Mason' Gold AFMG $9.99 'Frances Mason' Golden Abelia - Evergreen shrub with bright gold/green foliage,turning copper/red in fall-winter. Product Details
Abelia x grandiflora 'Glossy' AGLO $9.99 Glossy Abelia - Fast growing, semi-evergreen shrub. Dark green foliage with tiny clusters of white/pink blooms. Bronze/red foliage in fall/winter. Product Details
Acidosasa edulis ACED $19.99   Product Details
Arundinaria funghomii AFUN $14.99 Arundinaria funghomii - A fast growing running bamboo with thick, dense green foliage ideal for screening. Product Details
Arundinaria gigantea AG $14.99   Product Details
Arundinaria gigantea tecta AGTE $14.99 Switch Cane Product Details

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Results 41 - 60 of 363

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